Afrocentric Hair Bar is an e-commerce factory created by a black woman, with the agenda of having the next generation of black women embrace their unique natural hair and show off their natural hair with pride, without any limits or shame. rather than conforming to societal ideals of hair and beauty. we want to empower black women using hair and reclaim that natural hair of black women is authentic, pure and valid within our modern society.  

Afrocentric Hair Bar is located and registered in the City of Calgary, Canada, with sourcing facilities in Africa and Southeast Asia and is very dedicated to providing products and education to help black women understand, grow, style and protect their natural kinks and coils.

Establishing in the year of 2021, during the pandemic, we have seen first hand the financial turmoil the pandemic has brought to the black community. We want our ladies to still look their best in their natural self and money should not be an obstacle therefore we set our extensions price at wholesale prices as opposed to the high retail value of other natural hair brands. With our wholesale prices, women can be empowered and decide to start their own business and sell at retail prices if they please.

Be rest assured that each hair are sourced carefully by Afrocentric Hair Bar, with several rounds of improvement before being released on our e-commerce factory website. Our organization provides only the best quality hair extensions that is guaranteed to last for more than a year if well cared for.