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Afrocentric Hair Bar is an e-commerce hair company created by a group of black women in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our agenda is to have the next generation of black women embrace their unique natural hair and show off their natural hair with pride, without any limits or shame. Rather than conforming to societal ideals of hair and beauty.

Born in 2021, We strongly believe in uncompromising who you are, that is, feeling proud while rocking a bantu knot; knotless braids, or your afro puff if you please. You are a blessing to this world and you are allowed to represent your authentic self. 

Afrocentric Hair Bar is here to help you enhance your style no matter where you are in your natural hair journey. Your hair represents your past, present and your future. We are here to create a stage for you to represent yourself and provide assistance in accepting yourself and live your purpose.

As you step into the next stage of your journey, the most important thing to remember is to have a protective style! ABH is another alternative that you can use as a protection style as your hair grows. If you're in the awkward length stage, feel free to grab some clip-ins that will blend perfectly to your hair. And for the perfect girls night out, grab one of our ponytails to go with that little black dress! We got you.

Experience a look true to you with AHB products. Our hair is ethically sourced. We ensure our products are made the right way, the premium way!!!... with several months of testing and adjustment before being released to the public

Be Bold, Be Fierce , Be Graceful with Afrocentric Hair Bar.